Storm water basin Vivaqua - Ganshoren

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• Storm water reservoirs connected to the drainage system that can collect 10,000 m³ of water during heavy storms, relieving the pressure on sewers.
• Buffered water is discharged into one of the main collectors in Brussels, half using a gravitational outlet, the other half using pumps.
• An automated system has been fitted whereby the mechanical elements (pumps, mixers, rinsing system, …) can function entirely automatically and can be operated from the owner’s own offices, there is also a monitoring system allowing stream levels to be surveyed constantly from a distance.
• Built under a future road.
• Design:
o   Length ±370m
o   Breadth 8m
o   Depth of 3.5 to 6m
o   Underground, roofing plate is 1.5m below ground level
• Construction method:
o   Basin structure made of more than 1700 secant piles
o   Concrete: 3500 m³
o   Reinforcement: 620 tonnes
o   HDPE pipes: 1000 m - diameters 400-350
o   2 pumps 35



Since 1998 Franki Construct has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.


Project Details

Nestor Martinlaan 38, Ganshoren, Brussels, Belgium
Engineering Office 
Agidens, Nico Terryn
Surface area above ground 
2 555m²
Surface area subterranean 
2 555m²
Construction period
1 year 8 months
Start work
End of work