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Storm water basin Vivaqua - Ganshoren

Project Details

Civil Engineering
Water engineering

Franki Construct

Nestor Martinlaan 38
1083 Ganshoren
Brussels BE


Engineering Office
Agidens, Nico Terryn


Surface area above ground
2 555m²

Surface area subterranean
2 555m²

Construction period 
1 year 8 months

Start work 

End of work 


• Storm water reservoirs connected to the drainage system that can collect 10,000 m³ of water during heavy storms, relieving the pressure on sewers.
• Buffered water is discharged into one of the main collectors in Brussels, half using a gravitational outlet, the other half using pumps.
• An automated system has been fitted whereby the mechanical elements (pumps, mixers, rinsing system, …) can function entirely automatically and can be operated from the owner’s own offices, there is also a monitoring system allowing stream levels to be surveyed constantly from a distance.
• Built under a future road.
• Design:
o   Length ±370m
o   Breadth 8m
o   Depth of 3.5 to 6m
o   Underground, roofing plate is 1.5m below ground level
• Construction method:
o   Basin structure made of more than 1700 secant piles
o   Concrete: 3500 m³
o   Reinforcement: 620 tonnes
o   HDPE pipes: 1000 m - diameters 400-350
o   2 pumps 35


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Since 1998 Franki Construct has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.