Whistleblower report

Europe wants to make it easier for whistleblowers to report irregularities in an organisation or company. It wants to use a clear whistleblower directive to offer those submitting reports the necessary protection and to remove barriers. 

This not only applies to employees, but also former employees, consultants, freelancers, trainees, applicants, volunteers, shareholders, and directors. (Employees of) customers, partners, subcontractors, or suppliers and third parties also enjoy protection.

The European directive will be transposed into Belgian law. Willemen Groep believes strongly in the value of the principles behind this Whistleblower Directive and is therefore taking the lead by already making this online form available to give its employees, stakeholders (customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers), and third parties the opportunity to report abuses and irregularities compliantly.

What can you use it for?

The Whistleblowers Directive targets violations of rules that fall within the competence of the EU. This is very broad: money laundering, privacy, environmental protection, embezzlement, conflicts of interest, manipulation of company records/balance sheets, antitrust and competition law, violations of codes of conduct in the workplace, violations of human rights, etc.

Willemen Groep offers its employees, stakeholders, and third parties the opportunity to report actual or potential violations of legal rules and behaviours that violate the ethical values of the company or that conflict with the labour regulations.

How do you submit a report?

Employees can report irregularities to the Risk Manager and/or to Director Bram Willemen, or they can use a form that has been made available on the Willemen Service Portal (intranet). Those external to the organisation can find this form here. Reports may also be made verbally or by telephone.

What about privacy?

The identity of the reporter will be kept confidential at all times. Willemen Groep can, however, pass on personal data to external advisors, competent authorities, and supervisors. You can read more about the privacy of the reporter in the document,

Anonymous reports will not be followed up initially, although Willemen Groep reserves the right to investigate these reports further.

What happens after submitting a report?

Every reporter will get an acknowledgement of receipt within seven days of receiving the report. The outcome of the investigation will be communicated no later than three months after the confirmation of receipt. This period can be extended to six months in complex cases.

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