LEAN by Willemen

The LEAN philosophy is a familiar tool within our Group. All of our companies are using this improvement method to eliminate waste on the one hand, and to learn and improve day after day on the other hand. That way, we can improve both the quality of our projects and the value we provide to our customers.

The various companies within our Group all apply LEAN in their own specific way. Some of our business have LEAN coaches who provide the necessary practical guidance on our sites. We have also invested in preprinted LEAN boards with coloured and magnetic Post-its that can be written on as a replacement for the traditional weekly charts and paper Post-its. We are also digitalising our LEAN planning. We strongly believe in the importance of physical interaction during LEAN planning sessions, but the coronavirus occasionally rendered this impossible over the past year. In response, we are now using an Excel version of our LEAN planning, which we share with one another via SharePoint. That way, multiple people can hold online LEAN planning sessions in Teams at the same time.


10/04/2017 - 12:00

Kumpen steekt momenteel alle handen uit de mouwen om het uitbreidingsproject op de Hasseltse Corda Campus in een recordtempo klaar te krijgen. In slechts 4 maanden tijd moeten hal A en B volledig klaar zijn zodat een 25-tal kleinere bedrijven er na de zomer hun intrek kunnen nemen.