CIO-CHU - Liège


The CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) wants to combine two laboratory floors and an integrated oncology centre in the same building. This grouping will enable patients to receive optimal and multidisciplinary care, while hospital staff and researchers profit from an advanced working environment. Franki is undertaking the work in a temporary joint venture with Eraerts (Jan De Nul Group).

The oncology centre will house the technical aspects of radiotherapy (five new bunkers), nuclear medicine and oncology radiology, along with a radiopharmacy. There are also floors for consultations, day care, and clinical and translational research.

The two lab floors are organized around an innovative CORE LAB and will include a variety of disciplines such as pathological anatomy, genetics, clinical chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, toxicology, haematology and thrombosis/haemostasis, as well as a large blood bank.

The new building is part of a remarkable site and will support an existing institution with an international reputation. Work began in 2014 and is due for completion in 2017. The total contract represents an amount of € 22.4 million.

Since 1998 Franki has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.



Project Details

Avenue de l'Hôpital, Liège, Liege, Belgium
CHU du Sart-Tilman
End User 
Bureau Emile Verhaegen
Temporary partnership 
Franki, Eraerts
Surface area above ground 
28 000m²
Construction period
5 years 2 months
Start work
End of work