BIM by Willemen

In 2021, all companies within our Group got on the same frequency in terms of the use of BIM, right from their BIM strategy to their choice of software and BIM applications. Both companies in the Business Line Construction and Business Line Infrastructure now operate on a common basis. Depending on their activities, these companies can expand this basis with the processes that are best suited to their activities. The benefit of a shared basis is that knowledge acquisition and sharing now happens across the entire Group. At group level, an executive committee and steering group monitor our strategy and further refine it. On top of that, every Business Line has working groups to shape and adjust the BIM process.

We also encourage the application of Open BIM, which offers a range of benefits: greater flexibility, sustainable use of data and a smoother path towards realisation. What's more: at the end of the construction phase, Open BIM also delivers a useable BIM model for the operational phase.


BIM by Willemen


12/10/2016 - 17:30

Kanaal Z duikt in de reeks Z-New Technologies in de wereld van nieuwe en innoverende technologieën voor bedrijven. En zo kwam de businesszender bij Willemen Groep terecht. Want, zo klinkt het in de inleiding van de reportage: “Willemen Groep is een van de eerste bedrijven in Europa die de technologie van virtual reality omarmde.”