Bergwijkbrug - Merelbeke


The new Bergwijk Bridge in Merelbeke, almost 100 metres long, was opened at the end of 2021. It meets all modern needs, ensures safer and smoother traffic and, thanks to its higher headroom, also guarantees smooth sea traffic on the Ringvaart.

We started work on this new three-lane bridge and a cantilevered composite cycle track in the summer of 2020. In order to limit nuisance, the new bridge was built next to the old one. After the demolition of the 60-year-old bridge in January, the new bridge could be moved to its final position during the building holidays in July.

The banks of the Ringvaart were completely renovated at the same time. Both interventions make the Ringvaart accessible to modern ships carrying three layers of containers. These additional advantages make the waterway an even more attractive alternative to road transport. The bridge is also an important link in the F40 cycle highway, the major cycle route around Ghent. The heavy traffic and the limited space available made this construction project particularly complex.

Since 1998 Franki Construct has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.


Project Details

Fraterstraat , Merelbeke, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
De Vlaamse Waterweg, AWV Oost-Vlaanderen, Gemeente Merelbeke
Temporary partnership 
Construction period
1 year 4 months
Start work
End of work