The world’s largest container-handling cranes arrive at APM Terminals MedPort Tangier

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APM Terminals MedPort Tangier announces the arrival of three of the newest and largest ship-to-shore (STS) cranes in the world, designed to handle vessels carrying 22,000 or more containers, now plying the Asia/Europe trade lane. The terminal, set to open in 2019, will be equipped with the latest cargo handling technology to serve the needs of large ships.

The three cranes represent the world’s largest double trolley STS cranes which weigh 2500 metric tons, have a height of 144 meters when boomed up, an outreach of 72 meters with twin-lift/tandem lift capability. The remote-controlled cranes will enable fast, safe and efficient loading and unloading services to some of the largest container ships on the sea.

APM Terminals MedPort Tangier is strategically located on one of the world’s busiest and most important shipping arteries, the Strait of Gibraltar, which sees more than 60,000 vessels a year. The terminal, which will serve as a trans-shipment hub for Maersk Line and its alliance partners, will help improve global supply chain performance by attracting more vessel calls and creating more routing options. The terminal is being constructed using the latest technology, ensuring greater cargo-handling efficiency and enabling more capacity.

Keith Svendsen, Chief Operating Officer of APM Terminals said, “Maersk Line commissioned APM Terminals to build and operate APM Terminals MedPort Tangier so we are designing it around the customer by integrating operational excellence, the most modern cargo handling equipment and an ideal location for connecting global supply chains. This creates the necessary port capacity for the future. Equally important, this port creates another wave of future investment momentum in Morocco as a business and trade center.”

“These cranes use digital technology to ensure the most efficiency during their movements. This will help us to deliver increased productivity throughout the process from lifting a container box off the ship, until it is delivered to its stack in the yard, and vice-versa,” added Dennis Olesen, Managing Director, APM Terminals MedPort Tangier.

Press release APM Terminals MedPort Tangier, 23th of February 2018

Willemen Groep has been constructing one of the world’s most technically advanced container terminals for APM Terminals at Tanger-Med cargo port since March 2017. The construction of this huge terminal with a 1.2-kilometre quay on a 53-hectare site is not the first order for Willemen Groep on African soil, but it is easily the biggest. A team of 80 personnel is ensuring the project is managed efficiently on site.

Follow the work every day via the webcam.

23 February, 2018 - 12:15