Certifications and attestations


Cosimco is recognised in the following categories and subcategories:

category class description
C 6 General contracting work for road construction
C1 6 General sewerage works
C2 1 Water supply and laying all kinds of pipelines
C5 3 Bituminous surfacings and coatings
D 7 General construction work
D1 7 All building construction and roofing work
D10 1 Tiling
D11 1 Plastering and raking
D16 1 Sanitary and gas heating installations by individual appliances
D24 1 Restoration of monuments
E 4 General contracting work in civil engineering
F 7 General contracting of metal structures
F2 7 Construction of metal support structures
G 4 General contracting work for earthworks
G5 1 Demolition works
P1 1 Electrical installations in buildings, including generator installations, fire and theft alarm equipment, telecommunications in buildings and their surroundings and mixed telephony installations or equipment