Willemen Groep
Boerenkrijgstraat 133, BE - 2800 Mechelen
tel +32 15 569 965,
Neerheide - Mechelen

Project Details

Social housing

Willemen Construct

2800 Mechelen
Antwerpen BE

Woonmaatschappij Rivierenland

S3 Architecten

Surface area above ground
8 924m²

Surface area subterranean
3 018m²

Special features

Start work 


Demolition of the current apartment buildings and replacement construction with 5 newly built apartment buildings with a total of 105 residential units, communal areas, underground parking and separate above-ground bicycle parking.

The social housing blocks in the Neerheide-Overheide district dated from the 1950s and were in poor condition. They were therefore demolished and will be replaced by 105 new flats with mainly one and two bedrooms.

The appearance and character of the neighbourhood will change radically as a result of this replacement building project. There will be underground parking spaces for residents and five modern residential complexes, with variations in height.

Sustainability in material use is high on the priority list in this project, and great attention will also be paid to the green character of the neighbourhood. Rearranging the residential complexes will free up space to create a 'Tiny Forest'.  This is a smaller dense forest with only native trees, where local residents can walk and unwind. The park of Neerheide-Overheide will seamlessly merge into the Pennepoelpark and in that sense contribute to making Mechelen-Noord one of the greenest neighbourhoods in Mechelen. In turn, the new neighbourhood will be linked to the greenery of the Oud-Oefenplein, which will be redesigned.

The renovation works Neerheide-Overheide started in June 2022 and will take place in phases so that social housing tenants can rotate.

Willemen Construct

Boerenkrijgstraat 133
2800 Mechelen (Belgium)
tel +32 15 56 99 65

Willemen Construct came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Willemen General Contractor and the construction department of Kumpen.